Who We Are

Baymac Management Services Ltd. (“Baymac”) is an international aviation management consultancy firm consisting of aviation professionals including international aviation consultants, airline managers and pilots, who specialize in providing turn-key management solutions for companies and individuals within the aviation industry.

Baymac Corporation (“BMC”), a Partner Company of Baymac, saw a need within the aviation and expatriate community to obtain exclusive international health benefits and financial security for pilots, aviation professionals and other expatriates living abroad, which led to the founding of Baymac Global Member Services.

The response from global communities has been tremendous and Baymac continues to expand its portfolio to include other groups with the potential to help millions of people.

Baymac negotiates high valued third party services on behalf of the Baymac Professional Groups with companies and organizations that are established in highly regulated jurisdictions with a track record of success.

The establishment of Baymac Global Member Services has enabled Baymac to acquire significant leverage in obtaining benefits for members, not otherwise available to small groups or individuals. Each group is offered a unique array of benefits, specifically designed for that group.

Baymac is not an insurance company or broker, nor does Baymac provide insurance, financial or investment advice. These services are provided to members by highly regulated organizations licensed to do so in the relevant jurisdictions. Baymac’s Professional Member Services are only available for paid up members.