Clements Worldwide

Clements Worldwide is the leading provider of insurance solutions for expatriates and international organizations. Founded in 1947, Clements offers worldwide car, property, life and health, and specialty and high risk insurance to clients in more than 170 countries. Our dedicated staffs in Washington, DC and London are committed to providing superior customer service and claims response.

Founded in 1947 by Robert Clements and M. Juanita Guess-Clements. Original name was Clements & Company, later changed to Clements International (2001) and Clements Worldwide in (2011).

Clements Worldwide has offices located in Washington DC (headquarters at 1 Thomas Circle NW, 8th Floor, Washington DC 20005 USA) and London, UK (40 Lime Street, 4th Floor London, UK EC3M 7AW)

Clements Worldwide has the distinguished reputation of having won the  2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Best Practices Award Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America.

Baymac has selected Clements Worldwide for the provision of health insurance for pilots and cabin crew, term life insurance and loss of income protection for its members.

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VUMI International

VIP Universal Medical Insurance Group, Ltd. (VUMI) is an international insurance company that offers a wide range of products and medical services to individuals and companies worldwide. VUMI core competence has developed over the years, focusing on a sincere dedication to service personified in the VIP treatment of all its clients and represents an integral component of their core mission.

VUMI over the last 30 years has developed a comprehensive international health management group and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices throughout the United States and Latin America. Their products include Second Medical Opinion VIP and are reinsured by PartnerRe, one of the biggest and most renown global reinsurance firms. PartnerRe’s strong credit ratings paired with their strong experience in the healthcare management industry provides all their clients with strength and protection you can trust.

VUMI has established a strong global network and provides a product that complements Baymac’s commitment to excellence in service delivery and a desire to ensure that all our members have access to an established Global brand. VUMI has a team of professionals that’s multilingual and in-house doctors readily available, who will provide you with the requisite guidance through the underwriting process, claims and Second Medical Opinion VIP processes.

Your peace of mind is their commitment to you.

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Stewarts Law

Stewarts Law is an award winning law firm, specializing in high value and complex disputes. Founded in 1990, Stewarts Law is the largest litigation only law firm in the United Kingdom and has an international reputation for excellence.

Stewarts Law takes an international approach with across jurisdictions across the world enabling its clients to take a global approach to litigation. The law firm has strategic partnerships in place with other specialist firms in key places across the globe.

Stewart’s Law acts for both corporate and individual clients and has leading and specialist departments in:

  • Aviation and Travel
  • Commercial litigation
  • Divorce and Family
  • Employment Law
  • Investor Protection litigation
  • Personal Injury

Stewarts Law has a reputation for providing an excellent service to its clients and an innovative and cutting edge approach to litigation. Their position and reputation is confirmed by top rankings within the Legal 500 and Chambers, the two leading guides to the legal profession, by the wider legal community and, most importantly, by its clients.

By identifying your requirements, Stewarts Law can assist you in making the right decisions and the means necessary to accomplish your legal goals.

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Equilibrium Pensions Ltd.

Equilibrium Pensions Limited (Equilibrium) has been established as a solutions based Pensions innovator, provider and Administrator and is authorised by the Insurance and Pensions Authority of the Isle of Man, the only dedicated offshore Pensions Regulator.

Equilibrium aims to provide pension solutions across national barriers and continents to solve the future retirement needs of a generation of working individuals and corporate entities. This is a generation of hard working individuals that have seen many obstacles appear in their path before being able to retire satisfactorily with sufficient security which comes from the setting aside of sufficient investments in secure and well managed stable pension products.

Equilibrium offers services, among others, to individuals working for companies whose work entails secondments to overseas offices; individuals with considerable net assets who are living or considering moving offshore; expatriates working away from the UK with pensions frozen or locked in, in the UK; expatriates who has been working abroad for more than 5 years; South African nationals currently working away from South Africa; persons thinking of retiring early; and persons seeking flexibility in pension management without a mandatory requirement to purchase an annuity.

Equilibrium Pensions is located at Douglas Chambers, North Quay, Douglas Isle of Man IM1 1JA.

Baymac has selected Equilibrium Pensions to provide international pension solutions for its members.

Flightstar Aviation Management Solutions

Flightstar Aviation Management Solutions (Flightstar) is a leading multinational aviation management services firm providing total solution management to the air transportation and tourism industry in key markets. Along with its associated partners Flightstar provides advisory, management and business solution services to the industry. For many years, Airlines, Airports, Tourism Companies, International Agencies and Financial Institutions have relied on Flightstar’s insight and expertise.

Flightstar specializes in aviation & tourism projects in Europe, CIS, Middle East, Asia and Africa. Together with our partners, who are industry recognized specialists, Flightstar combines a group of highly experienced industry professionals, specializing in the various facets of the aviation & tourism business.

Flightstar’s professional staff reflects a balance of air transport industry experience and advanced technical skills. The firm’s aviation and tourism experts have been drawn from airline and airport management, academia and related business. This experience is augmented with technical expertise in applied operations research, finance, marketing, information technology & database management, strategic planning and statistical analysis.

Baymac has selected Flightstar to provide aviation management solutions for Baymac and its members.

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