Baymac Global Member Services

Baymac Global Member Services was established to provide customized service programs to the aviation industry with a focus on pilots, cabin crew, and aircraft engineers living outside their home country. Since its inception the high demand for these services in other aviation areas prompted Baymac to extend its member scope to include aviation managers, staff and their families.

The establishment of  global aviation groups has enabled Baymac to acquire significant leverage in obtaining benefits, such as tailored healthcare plans, for its members not otherwise available to small groups or individuals.

Member Services


Global Professional Pilots Group

The Global Professional Pilots Group is a group of pilots including airline, corporate and private pilots holding a commercial pilots license or higher. This group has access to international personal pensions, individual wealth management solutions and a number insurance products specifically designed for pilots including loss of income protection, health insurance, term life and personal injury. The loss of income and health insurance products have been particularly popular with the our pilot group with no other pilots group health insurance competing in terms of costs and benefits.

Global Professional Cabin Crew Group

The Professional Cabin Crew Group brings together individual cabin crew members from around the world participating in group benefits not otherwise available to individuals. These include healthcare benefits, travel insurance and a suite of other member benefits negotiated by Baymac for the Group. Members have access to wealth management services and international personal pensions with new services being added each year.

Global Professional Aircraft Engineers Group

Baymac brings together professional aircraft engineers and licensed aircraft mechanics from around the world with a view to providing access to valuable benefits suited to your profession. Baymac has provided significant benefits for other affinity groups within the aviation industry and now makes this available to licensed engineers and mechanics. Member services include access to excellent rates for term life insurance, loss of income protection, personal accident cover, international personal pensions and Baymac is now in the process of procuring healthcare cover for members of this group at rates unmatched in the industry.

Global Professional Aviation Management & Staff Group

The Baymac Professional Aviation Management & Staff group consists of corporate aviation professionals who are integral to the success of the aviation industry as a whole. Baymac equips aviation organizations and professionals with beneficial services and member solutions to provide high value at extremely low costs.  Our services have been negotiated specifically for professionals who are a part of the growing international community and include uniquely created packages in the form of health insurance, loss of income protection, personal accident cover, international corporate pensions, international personal pensions as well as ongoing procurement of services with benefits unparalleled elsewhere.