Global Loss of Income Plan for Pilots

Baymac has partnered with Clements Worldwide to bring world-class insurance solutions to its members. The Disability cover which protects against a loss of income both temporarily and permanently, due to illness or injury rendering the individual incapable of performing his or her job functions, provides peace of mind for members and their families in the unlikely event they are temporarily or permanently unable to perform their duties. Underwritten by a Lloyds of London Syndicate, this unique plan pays a maximum of 60% of gross salary and company benefits less any other insurance in force. The plan is designed to provide a monthly benefit in the event of an illness or injury that results in the policyholder being temporarily unable to perform his or her duties, and a lump sum benefit if the illness or injury results in a permanent disability and inability to continue to work in the stated profession. On application, the individual chooses the monthly benefit required, the length of time they wish to receive this benefit (up to a maximum of 60 months) and elimination (waiting) period for which no benefit is required.

Please note that Pre-Existing conditions are not covered. For information please contact us.

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