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2019 Health Trends You Need To Know

Below are the top three health trends you can look out for in 2019. Part of making sure you can take advantage of these trends is revising your health insurance plan. Make sure your health insurance plan meets all of you and your family’s needs.

Mental Health

Mental health has been a forefront topic for the last few years. This is especially true among aviation professionals. Mental health has been impacting countries all over the world and it is more important than ever to make sure you have the access you need to health professionals. This includes professionals that can cater to your mental health.

Health Apps

Health apps have been steadily growing for years. Even now, more health apps are offering everything you need to address your health all in the palm of your hand. This includes both mental and physical health. From meditating apps, diet apps, and more, health apps will continue to grow. You can expect to see advances in these apps and new ones emerge in 2019.

Tailored health plans

Few things have changed in the last five years and health plans. While health insurance requirements vary in every country, you and your family need healthcare. For aviation professionals finding the right health plan can be a travel. Your health insurance should meet all the needs of your unique lifestyle as an aviation professional, and most insurance offered my employers tend to have gaps. That is why Baymac partnered with global companies to create tailored, excellent services for aviation professionals. This includes health insurance, loss of income insurance and more.

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