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5 Things You Don’t (Or Do) Know About Being An Aviation Pilot

Aviation Pilots reveal 5 things they think most people don’t know about flying an airplane. We imagine it was pretty hard to narrow these down to only 5. In fact, if you’re an aviation pilot you probably have a pretty long list. Here are the top 5 facts (chosen by us) that we think you don’t know about flying an airplane.

Flying runs in the family – its almost genetic

Most pilots are born, not made. It’s a joke but the truth is many pilots come from a family of pilots. Your dad was a pilot, your grandfather was a pilot, etc. And now you’re a pilot. As with many occupations, experiencing the lifestyle first hand can be really attractive.

It’s not a job – it’s a lifestyle

This is true on so many levels. Flying plans isn’t just a job. If it was, many may not do it for very long. Flying planes is its own lifestyle. It’s not just traveling the world, although that’s a pretty big perk. Being a pilot extends into just about everything else you do. And like all passions, they rarely feel like work.

Flying is always changing

The industry of aviation is ever-evolving. This could also explain the increase in demand for aviation professionals year after year. There is always new techniques and new technologies coming out. Not to mention, new airplane bodies or new systems that require advance training.

Pilots don’t eat the same food as the passengers

Did you know that pilots are served separate food from what passengers are given. This way, if the food is somehow contaminated, the pilots won’t also get sick. I mean, someone has to land the plane right? In fact, pilots are not even allowed to share food.

Planes are made to withstand lightning

One of the more fascinating secrets we’ve learned is how planes are built to withstand lightning strikes. The energy from a lightning strike does not travel through the cabin. Instead, it is it is discharged overboard through the plane’s aluminium skin, which is an excellent electrical conductor.

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