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A Look Into The World’s Biggest Twin Engine: The Boeing 777X

The Boeing 777X is the world’s biggest twin engine airplane. Boeing recently released a fully static test model of the jetliner, with a sneak peak into the design and features. Here’s what you can expect to find.


The most dramatic design feature that sets this plane apart from others is its folding wingtips. The wingtips achieved more than 8 meters of flexion during its testing. Also, the size of the aircraft is certainly something to behold, measuring at 76.7 m long. This also makes it the longest commercial airplane and largest twin-engine jetliner ever to be created.


The Boeing 777X seats 350 to 375 passengers. There are no specifics as to how many business class vs. economy class seats there will be. However, the airline will begin testing the jetliner in 2019, with hopes to enter it into routes in 2020. You can see specific design features inside the aircraft here.

Something you didn’t know

Those unique folding wings aren’t just a dramatic design feature. In an effort to build something huge with the wingspan to match, but also fit through regular airport gates, you end up with folding wing tips. That’s right, those wing tips are an integral part of the design for more reason that one. This allows the Boeing 777X to have the largest wingspan of any aircraft in the company’s 102 year history.

While it will never take to the skies, the static aircraft is to undergo almost a year of testing on the ground to verify the structural strength and accuracy of the design. Until then, don’t forget to sign up for your free account with Baymac. Baymac offers tailored services for aviation professionals, including health care plans and Loss of Income Insurance. Find out more here.