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Aviation Milestones To Celebrate

The UAE marks aviation industry milestones as we celebrate Civil Aviation Day on October 5th. These milestones celebrate both advances in aviation service, technology, and pure aviation passions. Below are a few of the aviation milestones you will hear about on Civil Aviation Day.

The first plane to carry passengers

Eighty-six years ago the first plane to carry passengers to the UAE landed in Sharjah. This small airline carried only four passengers on board. In fact, this specific day is known as a pioneering journey and is what is now celebrated as Civil Aviation Day. Since then, the country’s aviation industry has grown exponentially and have seen many more milestones. If you are considering a career in aviation, the United Arab Emirates is the top choice.

Over 90 destinations and 53 countries

As of 2017, Abu Dhabi International airport flies to over 90 destinations in 53 countries. Talk about growth! This aviation milestone was spurred on with the establishment of two local carriers. The evolution of the country’s aviation industry is now the world’s standard. As a result, among many accomplishments, the UAE hosts the number one international airport in the world.

Continued growth

Air Arabia aims to place an order for around 100 aircraft in 2019. They are currently negotiating with a variety of plane manufacturers, including Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer. From purchase price to financing, to product support and maintenance – everything is in play and packaged deals may make the difference in the airline either sticking with Airbus or going over to Boeing. We’ve seen other low-cost airlines like SilkAir dump their A320s and opt for the 737 Max family, so swapping fleets isn’t unusual. And with Airbus’ disastrous production problems across the A320 family, deliveries will be heavily delayed, thus impacting Air Arabia’s bottom line and on fuel costs while they soldier on with less efficient airplanes,” said Saj Ahmad, chief analyst, StrategicAero Research.

“The vision of our leaders has made a major industry player and we continue to collectively build our competitive edge. I’m confident our aviation sector will continue to leave a lasting mark benefiting UAE’s future generations.”, said president of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and chairman and chief executive of Emirates Airline and Group, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed, on Twitter. Baymac also plans to make a lasting impact by offering tailored services for aviation professionals. If you are looking for a health care plan that caters tot he unique lifestyle of an aviation professional, look no further. Baymac offers unique membership services that you will want to take advantage of. Start by creating your free account.