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Aviation trends for 2015

Each year has their own unique trends that are a combination of changes and improvements. This year already proves to be unique as we see so many different things happening in the aviation industry and showing their face in the news. Here are a few aviation trends we expect to see this New Year that we think you need to keep an eye out for!

• Benefits for both the customer and the crew! Many airline companies are now not only looking out for their customers, but for their cabin crew as well. They offer separate but equal benefits to please all people that travel through their organization, ensuring popularity!

• Precheck-in programs. Now that the TSA has created a check-in program that allows travelers to bypass the line and skip through an efficient precheck-in, traveling is even easier! Sometimes you don’t even have to take off your shoes!

• Increasing consumer expectations and satisfaction. This may seem like an obvious statement since it is safe to say as most organizations progress so do their customer satisfaction. The difference is the increase in customer expectation! We are referring to TV monitors, Wi-Fi, available movies, etc. Airlines have gone way past the complimentary peanuts and into the most comfortable travel experience possible.

• Mobile phones and apps are changing the industry. Now with booking features available on mobile phones and apps making it easier to navigate your travel, traveling couldn’t be easier! We can’t wait to see how these apps will make traveling in 2015 even more efficient and more comfortable.

• Oil prices have already been shocking and we are not even a week into the New Year. As with the oil demand decreasing, so will the demand to travel which means possibly lower ticket prices. We suggest you take advantage and use this year to travel!

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