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Goodbye Boeing 747: Hello New Jets

The days of the Boeing 747 are numbered, and in its place, will be a select group of new jets. In fact, airlines are already using alternative planes as more 747 operators have either retired or made plans to retire these jumbo jets.

Welcome to the Boeing 777

There are way more airlines retiring their 747 fleets than there are adding to them. Last year, both Delta and United Airlines sent their aging 747 fleets to the scrap yard, marking the first time in nearly five decades that no US network carrier will fly passengers in a jumbo jet. Smaller and more affordable twin-jets like the Boeing 777 have taken over as the industry’s passenger-carrying workhorses. Their ability to deliver great range and performance at a fraction of the 747’s operating cost make them virtually unbeatable.

A few other models on the scene

The Dreamliner is a popular airline model, representing a new generation of carbon composite airliners. This model can hold up to 330 passengers and, since it is small than the 747, is also better on fuel. Another carbon composite airliner is the Airbus A350XWB except this one is slightly bigger.

The up and coming winner

According to multiple resources, the Boeing 777-9X will be the big airplane of the future. This airliner carries 400 passengers but flies further than both the 747 and A380. This new model is expected to enter service in 2020 and quickly replace a few models as a more efficient carrier.

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