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Healthcare In Your Hotel Room For Visitors In Dubai

Ad Dubai continues to be a global hub for healthcare, they have taken one more step further to offer the most convenient and prestigious healthcare services. A recent deal between Zulekha Hospital and The Health Bank will now, in some cases, be able to offer healthcare service in your home or in a hotel.

What this means for healthcare in Dubai

The new deal guarantees access to quality home nursing services for patients of Zulekha Hospital. Zulekha Hospital and THB’s partnership helps create a seamless transition from the hospital to the comfort of the patient’s home. No longer are the long days in the hospital for recovery always needed. Now, a patient has more options.

Not anyone can take advantage of this new service

Specific to patients of The Health Bank, all ages of patients fighting chronic or simple health conditions may opt for a treatment plan that allows in-home services. Not only could this enhance the patient’s care, but also offer a new level of convenience.

Medical tourism is big business in Dubai. Many travel to Dubai to seek the world’s top experts in various fields, as well as the unsurpassed level of patient care. Dubai has been able to rapidly invest in their healthcare infrastructure and capitalise on the sharp increase in demand for health tourism.

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