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How Low Budget Airlines Are Still Making Money

Low-budget airlines are still around and still making money. Not only that, but new airlines using this model are expected to appear this year. In addition, others are expanding by adding more routes to their portfolio. How are these low budget airlines still making money? Here are three reasons.

They use only one type of aircraft

Low-cost carriers use only type of aircraft for their entire fleet of airplanes. Maintaining only one type of aircraft significantly lowers their maintenance cost. In fact, you can train your pilot, cabin crew and engineers to serve and fly your entire fleet.

Short routes

Most low-budget airlines utilize short routes. If you’ve flown with a low-cost carrier before then you know the planes aren’t especially comfy. As such, you probably wouldn’t take them for a long flight. They know this too so they keep their flights short. Quick turn-around, lower cost of fuel and higher volume of flights are the combination to turning a profit.

There are no luxuries on your flight

You might have also noticed the lack of amenities. This includes food, on-board entertainment and extra large seats. Most, if not all, low-budget carriers will charge for everything. They will charge for printing your tickets at the airport, checking any luggage, sometimes even a carry on, and food and drinks on the flight.

They use small airports

Most low-budget airlines will use local, small airports close to a big city. And by close, it can be 40-50 km away from the nearest big city. But the flights are so cheap, people will still fly into and out of the airport even if they have to travel to it.

Low-cost carrier are here to stay. But if you had a fairly long flight, needed to check luggage, or expected to eat during your journey then likely you won’t be flying a low budget airline. However, you might be interested to know many aviation professionals, including pilots, start their careers on these airlines.