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Choosing Your Health Insurance: Things To Consider

Health Insurance can be confusing coming from just about any insurer. You may have options between an independent company or your employer, but how do you identify which is best for you? Reviewing options from a company like Baymac may be the answer you have been looking for. Here are a few things you may need to consider before choosing your health insurance plan.

Your family’s needs should be met first and foremost

Every family is unique and your health plan should be able to meet any and all needs. However, not all plans will be able to. Regardless of what is most important to you, Baymac has options. Between our world-class partners and excellent pricing, you can shop for a customized health plan. Only pay for what you need at a cost you can afford, with benefits that suit your family.

Access to healthcare worldwide

As an aviation professional you are constantly traveling the globe. However, some insurance plans don’t travel with you. For an aviation professional that simply doesn’t make sense. Baymac recognized the need for aviation professionals to have access to health insurance and excellent healthcare no matter where they go. As a result, our health plan options are customized to your specific lifestyle. Included in Baymac members’ health insurance options, you can choose your medical provider.

The bottom line and the bottom price

Pricing is often near the top of the list as you make decisions about your health care. We completely understand – health insurance is not cheap. And to find a health insurance plan that meets the needs of the unique lifestyle of an aviation professional can be difficult. Price is certainly a priority, but so is your access to your healthcare. We believe we’ve met both of theses needs. We’ve partnered with amazing global companies that provide exceptional cover and gives you pricing options to ensure you never feel like you are paying for something you don’t need.

Using your Baymac membership as top-up cover

Most employers provide some cover for their employees and some for both the employees and their families. However, the cover provided doesn’t always meed your demands. Health insurance provided to Baymac members by our strategic partners may be used as top-up cover. In addition to your employer insurance, you can purchase health coverage that fills in the gaps where traditional health insurance doesn’t. With Baymac’s member services you have access to more than just basic health plans.

Your “big picture” could include hereditary conditions, children, medical emergencies – all of which are covered under Baymac member health plan options. Baymac looks at the big picture, and as a result, have tailored our services. Take the first step by signing up for a free account with Baymac to review our brochures. We can quickly get a quote for you and get you set up with a plan that is perfect for you and your family!