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Not All Pilots Have To Fly: 5 Career Options For Pilots

Most of the pilot job opportunities on the market consists of piloting an airplane. Whether you are the First Officer or co-pilot, most pilots follow this common career path. However, there are alternative options for pilots who may want the life of a pilot without going the commercial airline route. Here are 5 surprising career options for pilots.

Areal Firefighting

As an areal firefighter you will fly air tankers and water bombers and fight wildfires from the air. You can basically be a fireman pilot! Two unique and excellent jobs combined. Obviously this option is not for the faint of heart as it may require very long hours.

Air taxi

An air taxi would likely include shorter flights and smaller airplanes. Not to mention you would be on demand which means less room for a flexible schedule. However, with a smaller plan you could be transporting cargo or passengers. It might not sound too glamorous but taxying tourists around paradise islands can’t be all that bad.

Business jets or private pilots

Flying business jets or working as a private pilot requires more leadership and involvement in planning the flights. Planning includes ground transportation, recording and filing, and more. A big benefit for this position is the turn around time for pilots is usually not as stressful. Since most clients will require you to wait for them to complete their business before leaving, you won’t be rushed to return within a few hours or even a few days.

Freight pilot

If you are looking for a completely passenger-free pilot career, working as a freight pilot might be for you. Freight pilots fly cargo all over the world and usually fly at night. If you prefer night flying and removing the responsibility of carrying passengers, this may be the right career for you.

Flight Instructor

Last but not least, a flight instructor is a very common position for pilots who retire from the commercial airline career. However, many pilots study simply to be an instructor. This position comes with great responsibility but can also be a very rewarding one. You will also find more flexibility for your schedule and personal life as an instructor.

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