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Alternative Fuels coming soon

One of the most trending topics right now is the possibility of alternative fuels for jets and other airplanes. Sustainable jet fuels can help address the issues that are present with petroleum based fuels such as cost, environmental effects, and energy security challenges. Currently the FAA is working towards enabling the the U.S. use of…

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5 Things every Aviation Geek should do

If you love aviation, whether you work in the industry or not, we have created a list of 5 things every aviation geek should do! Add them to your bucket list, plan to do them this year, or just make sure you get it done before you die; either way you won’t want to miss…

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Health Trends for 2015

Each year has their own set of trends, especially in health and fitness. This year we are already seeing some great predictions of what to expect in the standard of healthy food, popular exercises, and even health economics. Check out some of the health trends below to look out for this 2015. In exercise Body…

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Why are airlines cutting back and still making money?

If you are familiar with Spirit Airlines then you should already know where I’m heading with this article. Why are airlines who have a reputation for bad customer service and cramped airplanes, like Spirit Airlines, still one of the most profitable airlines in the US? And why are we still flying on these airlines? More…

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“Toddler Air” comes to life

Michael Raisch decided to build a replica Boeign 737 flight simulator cabin and cockpit in his living room! This awesome dad decided he wanted his little girl to share a flight experience, hence his name “Toddler Air”. This dad is a great example of taking creativity and experience to new levels! The best part is,…

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Aviation trends for 2015

Each year has their own unique trends that are a combination of changes and improvements. This year already proves to be unique as we see so many different things happening in the aviation industry and showing their face in the news. Here are a few aviation trends we expect to see this New Year that…

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Interview with TSA Chief John Pistole

On December 1st the New York Times did an exit interview with TSA Chief John Pistole on the growing TSA PreCheck Program, among a variety of other security-related topics. The article provided by the New York Times discusses possibly switching the program to private contractors which would reduce the amount of non-members that are allowed…

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Santa’s Flight

Have you been a good boy or girl this year? I hope so because Santa is coming in only a few days! Have you ever wondered what route Santa might take to get to all the homes this year for Christmas? Well check out this great video on how the UK’s NATS, which handle air…

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Security Line Blues

You might be one of the many, many people traveling this holiday season. You, along with millions of other people, all have one thing in common that defines your travel plans, the security line at the airport! This loathsome task separating you from the lounge section by the airplane door determines your itinerary from the…

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