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Tips on how NOT to be an anxious flyer

When flying was first invented one of the key concerns was safety, particularly the safety of passengers. Those concerns were put to rest for the majority once the design of planes became these phenomenal luxury means of travel. Unfortunately in the past ten or so years flight safety  and anxiousness have once again become the major concern except this time the concern is by the passengers for their safety. It seems like every few months is a new story of a plane crashing or emergency landing. More recently has been the Germanwings airline crash where they believe the pilot deliberatly crashed the plane into mountains killing everyone on board. Stories like these easily create anxiety and can turn you into an anxious flyer when considering air travel and create too many reasons for a passenger to feel unsafe while flying. If you travel for work then you certainly cannot afford to let these anxieties get the best of you. If you travel to see your family then you certainly don’t want to give up something so important because of an anxiety to fly. So don’t let it! Read our tips below on how to feel safe while flying:

Tip#1: Start by trusting the airline. Some airlines offer more features than others and while you might find these features cost more, the simple feeling of comfort on the plane will help with your feelings of anxiety. The more comfortable you feel the less anxious you are likely to feel.

Tip #2: Think about the situation logically. Airplanes are considered a very safe mode of transportation, and realistically, the issues that occur with airline transportation are extremely small and unlikely. Statistically there is a 99.99% change there will be no issues with your flight or the plane.

Tip #3: Take your mind away from the plane. Physically you’re sitting in your seat, but mentally and even emotionally take your mind to another place. Listening to music, watching a movie, or even working can help. Anything that will force you to focus your mind on something else will take your mind off your anxiety and make the trip easier.

We hope these tips help get you through your next flight!

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