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Traveling During The Holiday Season

Flying during the holiday season is the number one way most people get to their families. And while flying is the best way to travel, there are some steps you can take to make it a fun experience. Airport delays, sick passengers or long flights can make you and your family grumpy but we’re going to show you how to combat those risks.

Prepare for airport delays

We always hope there will be no airport delays but we can’t stop them. However, you can prepare for them. Instead of hanging out in the airport and driving each other crazy start with a small adventure. Most airports have more than just a few food stops. International airports are designed to keep you busy and comfortable. So take a walk and go on a little adventure, explore what the airport has to offer.

What you pack will also help you prepare should you run into a big delay. The same things that can help you in the airport can keep you comfortable on the plane too. This includes a neck pillow, a good book, coloring books for the kids (or adults), movies on your phone or tablet, etc. Whatever your family likes to play with.

Take immune boosters

Sick travelers can rarely be avoided, no matter where you are flying to. And during the winter season sick passengers are very common. Being on a plane, in a closed space, sharing the same air can create a challenge if you want to avoid picking up a bug. Before you leave for your trip, start taking immune boosters. This will be most effective if you start at least three days ahead of your planned travel.

Immune boosters include vitamins, over-the-counter immune booster liquids or tablets, and plenty of fluids. Prepare your body to be in the best shape possible to fight against coming in contact with illnesses. Of course there is no guarantee you won’t get sick but this should significantly decrease your chances.

Prepare for a busy airport

Keep in mind all the other people around the world who are traveling for the holiday season. The restaurants, stores, and shops could be very busy. the security lines could be quite long. Baggage check could take longer than normal. So there are a few things you can do to improve your experience.

Be sure to get to the airport at least two hours ahead of time, if not more. If the standard is two hours, get there three hours ahead of time. Pack yourself a few snacks, small things you can take through security or eat ahead of time. Make sure you have all your travel documents easily accessible so you can get through security as quickly as possible. While you should dress for the weather, you can also dress for the security line by avoiding a lot of jewelry, belts, and wearing shoes that can easily be taken on and off.

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