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What Does It Take To Be A Pilot?

There are two areas you need to understand before choosing the career of a pilot. First, the academics and requirements needed to be a pilot. Second, the life you can expect and the character you’ll need to be able to handle the life of a pilot.

Required academics

Your required academics for an aviation career depends on where you live. Every country has a set of standard expectations, as well as preferred requirements. However, most of these standards overlap. So even if you decide you want to move to another country later in life, you should be able to easily meet the requirements to continue your career in aviation. Even if this means passing a physical exam or agreeing to a new flight route.

Physical Expectations

Aviation pilots do have to pass a physical exam. This exam is to check your eyesight, make sure you’re able to handle sitting for long periods of time, etc. Most people won’t find the exam difficult, however you should keep in mind every airline with likely want you to pass their physical exam, or any other exams as part of their requirements.

The Pilot Lifestyle

The lifestyle of an aviation professional should be considered before choosing this career path. Airline Pilots and cabin crew are expected to work long hours, travel constantly, and handle passengers with a smile. At first traveling the world and seeing all the new sights will be phenomenal. But after a few years your job consist of three spaces, the cockpit, the transport to the hotel, and the hotel room. You can imagine after a few years this can become extremely boring. If you don’t find a way to take advantage of the travels or have fun, which can be very difficult and completely exhausting, then the job just becomes boring.

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