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Unique Rules: The Job Of A Pilot

Every job comes with its own set of rules. Sometimes these rules are specific to the company, while for others it may be specific to the job. In the case of being an aviation pilot, these unique rules are quite specific to the job. What to read in flight Some companies regulate what pilots are…

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Healthcare In Your Hotel Room For Visitors In Dubai

Ad Dubai continues to be a global hub for healthcare, they have taken one more step further to offer the most convenient and prestigious healthcare services. A recent deal between Zulekha Hospital and The Health Bank will now, in some cases, be able to offer healthcare service in your home or in a hotel. What…

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solar panels
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Solar Panels Used To Cut Carbon Dioxide Emission at Dubai International

Dubai International Airport has installed a new solar energy system made up of 15,000 photovoltaic panels. Dubai Airport said this new venture will significantly cut their carbon dioxide emissions, providing another step in Earth-friendly moves. The install is complete Earlier this week in an announcement Dubai Airports said the new system would produce 7,483,500 kilowatt…

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low budget airlines
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How Low Budget Airlines Are Still Making Money

Low-budget airlines are still around and still making money. Not only that, but new airlines using this model are expected to appear this year. In addition, others are expanding by adding more routes to their portfolio. How are these low budget airlines still making money? Here are three reasons. They use only one type of…

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medical treatment in Dubai
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5 Things To Know About Medical Treatment in Dubai

For many, healthcare is a top reason to consider relocating. With Dubai regularly ranking as one of the most popular destinations for expats, make sure to read our tips on medical treatment in Dubai. Health Insurance Health insurance is a mandated law for all Dubai residents. As such, you can determine there is a very…

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pilot training
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How To Choose A Pilot Training Program Or School

How do you choose a pilot training program? Or how do you choose which pilot training school to attend? Choosing a career path is a life-long decision, especially if you choose aviation. Being a pilot is one of those careers you benefit from the more experience you have so the level of commitment necessary is…

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aircraft pilot
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Are You Ready To Be A Wide-Body Aircraft Pilot?

The enormous planes take everyone’s attention at the airport. They even capture the attention of pilots alike. Have you been working towards piloting one of these big boys? The growing demand for passenger flights leads airlines to expand their fleet with the new wide-body aircraft. However, this means the wide-body aircraft pilot demand is also…

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health insurance
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Choosing Your Health Insurance: Things To Consider

Health Insurance can be confusing coming from just about any insurer. You may have options between an independent company or your employer, but how do you identify which is best for you? Reviewing options from a company like Baymac may be the answer you have been looking for. Here are a few things you may…

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The World’s Most Punctual Airports in 2019

Drawing from a full year of data in 2018, from over 58 million flight records, CNN has released the world’s most punctual airports in 2019. The definition of these on-time performances are flights that depart from or arrive to their destination within 15 minutes of their scheduled time. Do you agree with the airports that…

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