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aviation in 2019
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Aviation in 2019: What To Expect

There are some interesting changes and shifts on the horizon for aviation in 2019. We have to admit, 2018 was an interesting year for aviation. But 2019 is already proving to be even better. Here are some upcoming trends to look out for this year. Big players like Amazon Amazon has made it clear they…

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Top 5 Airlines in The World

When flying, it’s important to be comfortable. Whether it’s through five star meals, a personal room with a bed, or even just a recliner with some leg room. If you are seeking that ‘royal treatment’ that you feel is necessary when you travel, then you need check out this list we created thanks to Business…

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The Best Airlines of 2015

2015 was full of wonderful innovations and excitement for the aviation industry, but it was also a year of great stride for the best airlines around the world! We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 airlines, as according to The World Airlines’ Awards and a few other similar resources. Qatar Airways and Signapore Airways…

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What’s the big deal about First Class?

In recent news one of the headlines was United’s decision to rid their first class seating when they upgraded their 767s. United stated getting rid of these seats will allow them to make some much needed improvements that will last much longer and require less maintenance but the real question is, will not offering the…

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WiFi on Airlines and what you need to know

It didn’t take long for airlines to pick up on the demand for WiFi and now WiFi on airlines are not only common, it’s expected. As more airlines meet the demand to carry WiFi at a high price, now they will need to meet the demand for WiFi speed as various airlines carry different systems….

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Why are airlines cutting back and still making money?

If you are familiar with Spirit Airlines then you should already know where I’m heading with this article. Why are airlines who have a reputation for bad customer service and cramped airplanes, like Spirit Airlines, still one of the most profitable airlines in the US? And why are we still flying on these airlines? More…

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