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How To Choose A Pilot Training Program Or School

How do you choose a pilot training program? Or how do you choose which pilot training school to attend? Choosing a career path is a life-long decision, especially if you choose aviation. Being a pilot is one of those careers you benefit from the more experience you have so the level of commitment necessary is…

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2019 Health Trends You Need To Know

Below are the top three health trends you can look out for in 2019. Part of making sure you can take advantage of these trends is revising your health insurance plan. Make sure your health insurance plan meets all of you and your family’s needs. Mental Health Mental health has been a forefront topic for…

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The Most Technologically Advanced Business Jets

With technology comes luxury, and the future of jets offer just that. Embraer introduced the new Praetor 500 midsize and Praetor 600 super-midsize business jets during a company event at Orlando Executive Airport. And that’s just one of the many new upcoming Here are some of the most technologically advanced business jets. The cost of…

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Not All Pilots Have To Fly: 5 Career Options For Pilots

Most of the pilot job opportunities on the market consists of piloting an airplane. Whether you are the First Officer or co-pilot, most pilots follow this common career path. However, there are alternative options for pilots who may want the life of a pilot without going the commercial airline route. Here are 5 surprising career…

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What Kind Of Insurance Should A Pilot Have?

What insurance should a pilot have, and how do you ensure that you and your family are covered? You may have already come face to face with this question multiple times in your career. When you use Baymac to purchase your health coverage you can rest assured you have exactly what you need. Let’s break…

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5 Airport Hacks you’ve never heard of

“Life Hacks” are quite the trend so we thought it only fitting to create our own list of 5 airport hacks we’re sure you have never heard of but do work! If you have a great one too make sure to leave it in the comment section. These tips are sure to make your next…

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How to save for your financial future

Saving money for many people can be a big challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. Creating a funnel for your savings account has many benefits to your financial future. Read below to educate yourself on how to save money more efficiently: Get Healthy Getting healthy includes cooking more and eating out less. Eating…

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