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How To Choose A Pilot Training Program Or School

How do you choose a pilot training program? Or how do you choose which pilot training school to attend? Choosing a career path is a life-long decision, especially if you choose aviation. Being a pilot is one of those careers you benefit from the more experience you have so the level of commitment necessary is…

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Aviation Training expanding in Schools

We always get excited when we hear about aviation training programs expanding in schools or aviation training being introduced in schools. For students who show an interest in aviation it can be difficult finding schools that offer the specific programs necessary to get the desired training (not counting military training which is always a great…

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Do Flight Simulators make a better Pilot?

It is common for airlines and schools to use flight simulators to train their future pilots. Flight simulators have even become popular is larger areas of the aviation industry, such as commercial training, NASA, and more. Even with the progress made through flight simulators the industry is currently seeing a decline in the purchase of…

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