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Unique Rules: The Job Of A Pilot

Every job comes with its own set of rules. Sometimes these rules are specific to the company, while for others it may be specific to the job. In the case of being an aviation pilot, these unique rules are quite specific to the job. What to read in flight Some companies regulate what pilots are…

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Are You Ready To Be A Wide-Body Aircraft Pilot?

The enormous planes take everyone’s attention at the airport. They even capture the attention of pilots alike. Have you been working towards piloting one of these big boys? The growing demand for passenger flights leads airlines to expand their fleet with the new wide-body aircraft. However, this means the wide-body aircraft pilot demand is also…

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Choosing Your Health Insurance: Things To Consider

Health Insurance can be confusing coming from just about any insurer. You may have options between an independent company or your employer, but how do you identify which is best for you? Reviewing options from a company like Baymac may be the answer you have been looking for. Here are a few things you may…

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Aviation in 2019: What To Expect

There are some interesting changes and shifts on the horizon for aviation in 2019. We have to admit, 2018 was an interesting year for aviation. But 2019 is already proving to be even better. Here are some upcoming trends to look out for this year. Big players like Amazon Amazon has made it clear they…

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Aviation Milestones To Celebrate

The UAE marks aviation industry milestones as we celebrate Civil Aviation Day on October 5th. These milestones celebrate both advances in aviation service, technology, and pure aviation passions. Below are a few of the aviation milestones you will hear about on Civil Aviation Day. The first plane to carry passengers Eighty-six years ago the first…

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The Most Technologically Advanced Business Jets

With technology comes luxury, and the future of jets offer just that. Embraer introduced the new Praetor 500 midsize and Praetor 600 super-midsize business jets during a company event at Orlando Executive Airport. And that’s just one of the many new upcoming Here are some of the most technologically advanced business jets. The cost of…

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Not All Pilots Have To Fly: 5 Career Options For Pilots

Most of the pilot job opportunities on the market consists of piloting an airplane. Whether you are the First Officer or co-pilot, most pilots follow this common career path. However, there are alternative options for pilots who may want the life of a pilot without going the commercial airline route. Here are 5 surprising career…

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Goodbye Boeing 747: Hello New Jets

The days of the Boeing 747 are numbered, and in its place, will be a select group of new jets. In fact, airlines are already using alternative planes as more 747 operators have either retired or made plans to retire these jumbo jets. Welcome to the Boeing 777 There are way more airlines retiring their…

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