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The New Idea of Solar Powered Passenger Planes

Currently in the innovative aviation industry, is an environmentally friendly shift to creating a solar powered passenger airplane. This new passenger plane has made exceptionally large strides to becoming a reality in recent decades. While these planes would bring a monumental change to the aviation industry, what is the likelihood of you boarding one anytime…

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Are you up to date on these latest aviation innovations?

Around the world we find ourselves in new problems every day. Thankfully we find ourselves with new solutions regularly too. More recently, some of the most inventive and effective aviation innovations to address some common issues have made their way to the surface. Check out a few we wanted to highlight: No More Bird Strikes A former…

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When is disregarding privacy a necessity?

What happens when the privacy protection of health records for a pilot might be the only thing standing between a passenger and their safe flight home? This became a topic of concern after a Germanwings passenger jet was deliberately flown in to a mountainside. After the Germanwings flight was found, it was determined that Pilot…

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Make Moving Abroad Easy – Part 2

In our last blog we looked at typical checklist items for those moving abroad.  Using a good checklist will break any monstrous task into bite-size, edible chunks.  But there are numerous things that are easily overlooked, adding more stress to an already stressful task. Here is the rest of our guideline to make this move…

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Making Moving Abroad Easy – Part 1

Moving abroad can be an exciting adventure but getting there is usually quite the opposite.  For expats, it can be nothing short of a necessary evil as they juggle winding down their life ‘here’ while winding it up ‘there’.  It’s geographical, logistical, physical, and let’s not forget, emotional.  Having a good checklist driven by a…

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How to save for your financial future

Saving money for many people can be a big challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. Creating a funnel for your savings account has many benefits to your financial future. Read below to educate yourself on how to save money more efficiently: Get Healthy Getting healthy includes cooking more and eating out less. Eating…

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How to avoid UAE’s 6 month employment ban

As of January 2016, there will be no 6 month employment ban if services are terminated by mutual agreement between the employer and employee and certain other set conditions are met. If you are not familiar with this new amendment, this change stems from the common case where expats find themselves banned from working in…

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The Best Airlines of 2015

2015 was full of wonderful innovations and excitement for the aviation industry, but it was also a year of great stride for the best airlines around the world! We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 airlines, as according to The World Airlines’ Awards and a few other similar resources. Qatar Airways and Signapore Airways…

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Aviation in High School is coming soon

Over the past few decades there has been a steady decline in aviation pilots and controllers, not to mention the other sects of the aviation industry.  These numbers are consistently falling and finally it looks like countries around the world are getting together to discuss a possible solution to increase the numbers of aviation professionals once…

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The 4 Aviation Apps Every Pilot Should Have

As a pilot your life is mobile and you spend most of your time on your phone or some other mobile device, like an iPad. From entertainment to efficiency, there are many aviation apps, both free and with cost, that every pilot should have! We have listed our top 4 aviation apps for you below:…

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