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Unique challenges Expats will face

Living as an expat means facing unique challenges but being prepared to handle them can make your living abroad a better experience. Below we’ve listed the 5 most common challenges and expat will face and the best way to deal with them to ensure your experience living abroad is that much better. Financial Challenges Living…

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Women in Aviation

We are officially in October which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month in many areas around the world. In honor of women and in an effort to spread awareness, we are dedicating this post to women everywhere and highlighting women in aviation! Starting with Women in Aviation (WAI) which is an organization dedicated to providing networking,…

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Spirit continues in the spotlight

Spirit Airlines has been getting a lot of discussion lately and they continue to stay in the spotlight. From their low fares, expensive add-ons, service complaints, and more, much of the discussion and focus is on Spirit Airlines. For a quick re-cap, Spirit Airlines first caught everyone’s attention when they offered exceptionally low fares for…

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WiFi on Airlines and what you need to know

It didn’t take long for airlines to pick up on the demand for WiFi and now WiFi on airlines are not only common, it’s expected. As more airlines meet the demand to carry WiFi at a high price, now they will need to meet the demand for WiFi speed as various airlines carry different systems….

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Airline customer service is changing

Recently USA Today wrote that airline customer satisfaction was up, but industry ranks low. Would you say you are satisfied with your airline customer service? Recently I had a friend from Washington, D.C. visit me in Florida. She is from Africa and normally flies internationally so this would have been her first flight traveling within…

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Tips on how NOT to be an anxious flyer

When flying was first invented one of the key concerns was safety, particularly the safety of passengers. Those concerns were put to rest for the majority once the design of planes became these phenomenal luxury means of travel. Unfortunately in the past ten or so years flight safety  and anxiousness have once again become the major concern…

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Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while traveling!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! However it’s Tuesday and in many places St. Patrick’s Day is not considered an “official” holiday which means you are still working, still traveling, and not celebrating with everyone else. Fortunately for you there is always more than one way to skin a cat and just because you don’t have…

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Airline safety and you equals questions

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed but there has been a lot of safety issues these past few weeks. First there was the letter issued by United to their pilots regarding some issues. Then there was news about Southwest missing inspections on over 100 of their airplanes. All this to come after Malaysia…

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Alternative Fuels coming soon

One of the most trending topics right now is the possibility of alternative fuels for jets and other airplanes. Sustainable jet fuels can help address the issues that are present with petroleum based fuels such as cost, environmental effects, and energy security challenges. Currently the FAA is working towards enabling the the U.S. use of…

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5 Things every Aviation Geek should do

If you love aviation, whether you work in the industry or not, we have created a list of 5 things every aviation geek should do! Add them to your bucket list, plan to do them this year, or just make sure you get it done before you die; either way you won’t want to miss…

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