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What Does It Take To Be A Pilot?

There are two areas you need to understand before choosing the career of a pilot. First, the academics and requirements needed to be a pilot. Second, the life you can expect and the character you’ll need to be able to handle the life of a pilot. Required academics Your required academics for an aviation career…

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What Are The Health Risks For Cabin Crew?

According to Business Insider’s analysis of data from the Department of Labor, flight attendants have one of the unhealthiest jobs. Cabin Crew undergo unique health risks in their position. Some of these risks may be surprising, but having the right medical insurance can forge significant peace of mind. Also, having the right medical provider can…

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Google Glass Helping to Build Airplanes

Do you remember when Google Glass first appeared? Many were excited about the new invention but despite the promising focus group results, google glass was a consumer nightmare. The entire product was a flop minus the excited few who bought them. Yet google glass is still finding their way into the workflows of professionals, specifically…

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What Baymac Partners Mean to You

Partner services are extremely beneficial — whether they are helping you generate new ideas, release new services, or develop new content. Baymac partners allow Baymac steadily grow in the aviation industry and cater to our members. Our partner services here at Baymac enable you to get the most satisfaction out of your membership plan. Our partners include,…

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Top 3 Questions Answered About Pilot Insurance

There are plenty of questions about pilot insurance such as what it covers, what happens with increased security, perception of risk, etc. With the help of AVWeb and our own Baymac programs, we’ve determined the top 3 most commonly asked questions about pilot insurance and we’ve got all of your questions answered. 1. What happens in the…

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Teens looking into Aviation more than ever

According to the Auburn Municipal Airport, There’s a growing effort to make the Aviation industry more diverse. Aviation professionals are now trying to encourage young teens that this career path might be the one for them and they too can sit in the captain’s seat one day! 5 reasons why working in the aviation industry is…

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Are you up to date on these latest aviation innovations?

Around the world we find ourselves in new problems every day. Thankfully we find ourselves with new solutions regularly too. More recently, some of the most inventive and effective aviation innovations to address some common issues have made their way to the surface. Check out a few we wanted to highlight: No More Bird Strikes A former…

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AES: 7 Financial lessons from Game of Thrones

AES International recently posted an amazing article that everyone could stand to read. If you aren’t currently familiar with the extremely popular show, Game of Thrones, we’ve included a link so you can get addicted and join the rest of the world. Apart from the TV show, AES International has pulled some great financial lessons…

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How to save for your financial future

Saving money for many people can be a big challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. Creating a funnel for your savings account has many benefits to your financial future. Read below to educate yourself on how to save money more efficiently: Get Healthy Getting healthy includes cooking more and eating out less. Eating…

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