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Choosing Your Health Insurance: Things To Consider

Health Insurance can be confusing coming from just about any insurer. You may have options between an independent company or your employer, but how do you identify which is best for you? Reviewing options from a company like Baymac may be the answer you have been looking for. Here are a few things you may…

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2019 Health Trends You Need To Know

Below are the top three health trends you can look out for in 2019. Part of making sure you can take advantage of these trends is revising your health insurance plan. Make sure your health insurance plan meets all of you and your family’s needs. Mental Health Mental health has been a forefront topic for…

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Traveling During The Holiday Season

Flying during the holiday season is the number one way most people get to their families. And while flying is the best way to travel, there are some steps you can take to make it a fun experience. Airport delays, sick passengers or long flights can make you and your family grumpy but we’re going…

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How Well Is Your Health Plan Covering Your Family?

How well is your health plan covering your family? Do you ever feel as though your healthcare was created with great benefits for yourself, but tends to fall short for your dependents? You’re not alone. This is a common find with many health care plans. The good news is, Baymac is there for you. Children…

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What Your Family Needs To Know About Pilot Health Insurance

Health insurance coverage is offered by most employers. However, you may find you’re not too happy with the health care coverage extended to your family. Even though you may be covered well, your family doesn’t receive the same benefits. Here is what your family needs to know about pilot health insurance. Not All Benefits Are…

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How Much Does Pilot Insurance Cost?

Pilot insurance cost varies depending on the insurance provider and the insurance plan. The better the coverage, usually the more costly the monthly premium. However, not all plans are made the same. Insurance coverage available through Baymac are built specifically for aviation professionals. As a result, you may find our prices lower while the quality…

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What Kind Of Insurance Should A Pilot Have?

What insurance should a pilot have, and how do you ensure that you and your family are covered? You may have already come face to face with this question multiple times in your career. When you use Baymac to purchase your health coverage you can rest assured you have exactly what you need. Let’s break…

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When is disregarding privacy a necessity?

What happens when the privacy protection of health records for a pilot might be the only thing standing between a passenger and their safe flight home? This became a topic of concern after a Germanwings passenger jet was deliberately flown in to a mountainside. After the Germanwings flight was found, it was determined that Pilot…

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