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Healthcare In Your Hotel Room For Visitors In Dubai

Ad Dubai continues to be a global hub for healthcare, they have taken one more step further to offer the most convenient and prestigious healthcare services. A recent deal between Zulekha Hospital and The Health Bank will now, in some cases, be able to offer healthcare service in your home or in a hotel. What…

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medical treatment in Dubai
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5 Things To Know About Medical Treatment in Dubai

For many, healthcare is a top reason to consider relocating. With Dubai regularly ranking as one of the most popular destinations for expats, make sure to read our tips on medical treatment in Dubai. Health Insurance Health insurance is a mandated law for all Dubai residents. As such, you can determine there is a very…

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unique challenges
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Unique challenges Expats will face

Living as an expat means facing unique challenges but being prepared to handle them can make your living abroad a better experience. Below we’ve listed the 5 most common challenges and expat will face and the best way to deal with them to ensure your experience living abroad is that much better. Financial Challenges Living…

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Airline customer service is changing

Recently USA Today wrote that airline customer satisfaction was up, but industry ranks low. Would you say you are satisfied with your airline customer service? Recently I had a friend from Washington, D.C. visit me in Florida. She is from Africa and normally flies internationally so this would have been her first flight traveling within…

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Health Trends for 2015

Each year has their own set of trends, especially in health and fitness. This year we are already seeing some great predictions of what to expect in the standard of healthy food, popular exercises, and even health economics. Check out some of the health trends below to look out for this 2015. In exercise Body…

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