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Traveling During The Holiday Season

Flying during the holiday season is the number one way most people get to their families. And while flying is the best way to travel, there are some steps you can take to make it a fun experience. Airport delays, sick passengers or long flights can make you and your family grumpy but we’re going…

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How Expats keep secure while they’re away

This past week myinfroms.com published an article about a British expat’s home which was the target of a burglary while he was away. According to the article, the burglars got away with cash and valuables from the 52-year old’s home. This article sparks a concern that many expats carry with them when they leave their…

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How to pack for a weekend trip

Packing always seems like a daunting task, especially when you are packing for what seems like a simple weekend trip; but as always, nothing is as easy as it seems. Did you forget your toothbrush? What about your deodorant? Those two are among the top 5 things forgotten the most when packing for a trip,…

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AA sends the wrong plane to Hawaii

American Airlines has been feeling the heat this past week when they discovered they sent an A321 to Hawaii. No one has yet to say what the intended flight was because the real interest about this story is that particular airplane┬áis not actually equipped to fly that route. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)┬áregulations,…

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Spirit continues in the spotlight

Spirit Airlines has been getting a lot of discussion lately and they continue to stay in the spotlight. From their low fares, expensive add-ons, service complaints, and more, much of the discussion and focus is on Spirit Airlines. For a quick re-cap, Spirit Airlines first caught everyone’s attention when they offered exceptionally low fares for…

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What’s the big deal about First Class?

In recent news one of the headlines was United’s decision to rid their first class seating when they upgraded their 767s. United stated getting rid of these seats will allow them to make some much needed improvements that will last much longer and require less maintenance but the real question is, will not offering the…

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Aviation trends for 2015

Each year has their own unique trends that are a combination of changes and improvements. This year already proves to be unique as we see so many different things happening in the aviation industry and showing their face in the news. Here are a few aviation trends we expect to see this New Year that…

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Security Line Blues

You might be one of the many, many people traveling this holiday season. You, along with millions of other people, all have one thing in common that defines your travel plans, the security line at the airport! This loathsome task separating you from the lounge section by the airplane door determines your itinerary from the…

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