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Chairman’s Letter

Dear Members,

As we work through the last few months of the first decade of the 21st Century, we continue to thank you for your tremendous support which has allowed us to see over 5000 pilots, aviation professionals and their families benefit from our membership services, being provided with bespoke health and income protection services through our strategic partners. We have had significant expansion throughout Asia and the Middle East providing solutions to both expats, local nationals and aviation staff in general. With recent approvals given to our partners, we expect to be able to provide greater support to the aviation community in the Western hemisphere with Europe, South and Latin America and the Caribbean being the next areas of anticipated growth. Our growth continues to provide us with the necessary leverage to allow you to continue to enjoy high value services at very reasonable cost.

Referrals by you continues to be the major seller in services and as such we have improved our Referral Rewards program to thank you. Information on this program is included in this Newsletter. Please feel free to give us your feedback.

This year we once again were one of the proud gold sponsors of IFALPA’s 74th annual conference in Berlin. The time spent with pilots and other members of the aviation community was beneficial as we had opportunity to hear the voice of pilots which is always helpful to us in ensuring we remain relevant to the needs of the community. We welcomed new pilots from E&APA in Hong Kong and the Emirates API Pilots who joined us in March of this year and look forward to supporting the numerous Associations that engaged us during this year’s Conference

We have also seen increased support from airline management teams who have supported us and their pilots and staff by enrolling them in our Baymac groups and availing them of access to our services at the airline’s cost. Certain groups such as Aruban Airlines, Air Macau and Cathay Pacific among others, received the benefit of some of these programs and we are pleased to have them on board.

We are privileged to be able to work with both airline management and pilot associations as we maintain our vision to protect the health and welfare of aviation families worldwide.

Our aviation management solutions department continues to grow and we recently have been engaged to support Airbus Industries in projects in South East Asia.

We are awaiting approval of a pension plan for our members which will give you direct access to international personal and or group pensions with discounts on set up fees. We hope to have this available to you in the coming months.

As we continue to strive for excellence in service and products, the year ahead is certain to not be without its challenges. We have seen increased numbers of pilots off sick or losing their medicals and this combined with increased utilization and costs of health services will likely result in increases in premiums in our individual plans and possible changes to some of our programs. While group health for airlines and pilots’ associations have not been affected, individuals holding health care cover with Clements Worldwide will see significant changes in their terms on renewal. We continue to provide alternatives and to work with our providers to find ways to limit these changes as much as possible.

We thank you again for your support and ask you to continue to provide us with your feedback on the quality of services provided by our partners and input on additional services you believe would be of interest to you and your families.

Wishing you blue skies and safe landings.

Capt. Daren Bayley-Hay