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5 Things To Know About Medical Treatment in Dubai

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For many, healthcare is a top reason to consider relocating. With Dubai regularly ranking as one of the most popular destinations for expats, make sure to read our tips on medical treatment in Dubai.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a mandated law for all Dubai residents. As such, you can determine there is a very large network of healthcare facilities available in Dubai. Employers must provide their employees with a health insurance plan that includes at least a basic level of cover. For any plans that have gaps, there are excellent companies like Baymac to fill in.

Private Healthcare

You can rest assured the quality of care in public hospitals and medical centers are generally very good. However, many expats use private healthcare. Sometimes this is what is offered through their employee. In other cases it’s simply a personal choice. Either way, you will still have the ability to choose from a wide network of facilities. The Emirate also has a large private health centre specifically for children, including those with learning difficulties or disabilities. As far as health care options go, Dubai ranks among the top available.

Emergency Care

Public hospitals provide free emergency treatment to everyone. In fact, if you don’t have a health card or health care insurance, the hospital will issue you with a provisional one when you arrive at the emergency department. Since 2017, all public hospitals will accept health insurance cards.

Maternity Services

Maternity services is hard to find in many parts of the world. But in Dubai you can find one of the best government facilities specializing in maternity and children’s care – Latifa Hospital. There are also many private clinics to choose from in the Emirate. Keep in mind, you must be legally married to give birth in Dubai.


There are plenty of pharmacies in Dubai where you can find both over-the-counter and prescription medications. Many are open 24 hours a day. However, the UAE has very stringent laws regarding pharmaceuticals. Certain medications are considered controlled substances in which case you may need a subscription for a medication you would normally get over the counter.

Medical treatment is only one of many reasons to move to the UAE. The booming aviation demand is another great reason as Dubai is a worldwide hub for aviation. Make sure you also sign up for a free account at to see available plan options to both UAE residents and non-UAE residents.

Learn more about Baymac Expat Healthcare Plans

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