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About Us

Baymac is a management services organisation that provides subscription based high valued membership services for global citizens.

We partner with best-in-class legal, financial, and insurance providers to deliver exclusive borderless solutions that solve the unique challenges posed by working internationally and  living abroad.

Enjoy life as global citizens without risk, worry, or constraint.

Our Approach

Life as an expat has its constraints.

Profession, location, and lifestyle require different legal, insurance, pension planning, and financial considerations.

Baymac delivers freedom and protection by negotiating with leading service providers to create customised insurance and financial solutions tailored to expats, pilots, aviation professionals, and organisations. Our unique partnerships secure group rate savings for all members.

Benefits and rewards are designed to be portable.

Our Member solutions travel with you, no matter where you work, live, or play.

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Our Story

Baymac started with Daren Bayley-Hay, a veteran of the aviation industry and a long-time expat. His career began as a pilot starting with Air Jamaica and subsequently Emirates Airlines.

Daren moved on to qualify as a Barrister in the UK, being called to the Bar at Lincoln’s Inn, and subsequently earned Master’s degrees in both Air Transport Management and Air and Space Law. In these roles he assisted airlines and aviation organisations in increasing operational efficiencies, reducing costs, and providing long term staff benefits to assist in retaining personnel.

This combination of high-level experience and expertise in aviation, business and law naturally evolved into his interest and desire to provide high valued solutions to those working in the aviation industry and as global expats.

Enter Baymac.

Founded by Daren in 2008, Baymac provided general business management consulting services including turn-key start-up solutions, negotiation of international contracts and later developed a subscription-based Membership Services structure to advocate, negotiate and to bridge the gap between best-in-class service providers and global citizens.

In 2012, Douglas Lindo and Tracy Bennett joined the Baymac team, bringing to the company a wealth of international business and finance experience while adding value and a greater understanding of expat needs, having worked with senior executives and organisations across the globe.

Whether in Europe, North America, South America Caribbean, Asia or the Middle East, regions in which members of Baymac Executives have resided, it became evident the Baymac Team that there was an urgent need for better global insurance coverage and financial services to serve the needs of pilots and expats – a need that could only properly be served by those who truly understand the pain points and had the expertise to select best in class providers.

Solutions designed by
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    for pilots
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    for aviation professionals
  • expats,
    for expats

Meet Our Leaders

Our team are international business leaders, legal advisors, aviation professionals, and expats. But first and foremost, our team advocates for pilots, families, and global citizens.

Daren Bayley-Hay

Founder, Chairman of the Board

Daren Bayley-Hay is the epitome of global citizenship, living for nearly two decades as an expat. He’s worked for over 40 years in aviation; as a pilot, an aviation consultant, and an aviation lawyer.

Daren is a Barrister at Law in the UK with a LLM in Air and Space Law, and has spent the last 12 years navigating the logistics of insurance as it pertains to expats and aviation professionals.

Daren has held a number of executive positions and has worked with international organisations in the development and growth of the aviation industry.

Douglas Lindo

Board of Directors

Douglas Lindo’s 30-year international career is founded on a high standard of integrity, and commitment. As a nationally recognized entrepreneur and business leader he brings multidisciplinary experience having provided executive and consulting services for multinational and regional firms across a number of different industries.

Doug serves on several boards across the private, public and philanthropic sectors; and is an adjunct faculty member of the University of the West Indies, Mona School of Business and Management, where he chairs the Universities Entrepreneurship Programme.

Tracy Bennett

Board of Directors

Tracy Bennet’s approach to leadership was built throughout his 30-year professional career spanning business operations, shared services and financial management in the US, South America, Africa, and the Middle East.

A remarkable career honed by recent roles as Regional Director of Halliburton, Regional CFO of Expro Group, COO of PiLog Americas and most importantly, a personal business owner.

He remains grounded by his faith, wife, children, friends and driven by the passion of knowing there is an abundance of excitement ahead.

Our Partners

As a Baymac Member, you’ll save on best-in-class insurance and legal services from our global partners that offer freedom and protection for you and your family.

Locations We Serve

Baymac is borderless. We provide Member services on a global scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's easy! Start by registering to access information about all our products, and services, provided through our partners. Registration is free! Once registered, you can review and apply for one or more of these Baymac exclusive services, like global health or life insurance, wealth management, or legal services.

You'll only need to pay for a Baymac Membership if you want to proceed with your application and coverage.

Membership opens up access to the myBaymac member portal, where all your benefits are detailed, including policy information, products purchased, and updates.

Questions? At any point, our Member Service Executives are happy to assist.

A Baymac membership gives you access to exclusive members-only products including specialised insurance, financial solutions, advisory services, group discounted rates, and much, much, more.

See a full breakdown of what your annual membership includes on our Membership Benefits page.

Our annual membership dues vary between $75 to $100. Because we work with our partners to secure preferential rates and curated services suitable for a global lifestyle, there are slight variations in rates depending on the group served (pilots, aviation professionals, expats, etc.).

We offer discounted advanced membership subscriptions of 2 years, 3 years, and 5 years.

Yes! The majority of products and services offered by Baymac’s global service partners are available to family members. What’s more, Baymac membership is free for children up to 19 years old (discounted for children in school up to 24 years old), and your spouse/partner can be easily added for an additional cost.

The benefit of Baymac is that we work with ALL types of groups. While we specialise in solutions for pilots, aviation professionals, and expats, many of our products are also available to those living and working in their country of citizenship.

Book a call to speak with one of our executives to find out more.

In some cases, policy eligibility changes if your country of residence changes. Our Baymac Member Service Executives are here to help you navigate these changes to find the best option for your circumstances.

Book a call to speak with one of our executives to find out more.

No, Baymac is not an insurance company or an agent. Baymac is a Global Member Services company that partners with best-in-class legal, financial, and insurance service providers. Together, we create exclusive products to solve the unique challenges faced by expats. We aim to help you truly enjoy life as a global citizen without risk, worry, or constraint.

We have partnered with the best-in-class legal, financial, and insurance service providers. We work with industry-leading organisations with spotless track records, some of which have been around for over 75 years. Our partners specialise in global solutions, often tailored for pilots, aviation professionals, and expats.

We often get asked about the value of becoming a member. After all, wouldn't it be cheaper to simply purchase products directly from our partners? 

A Baymac membership gives you access to significantly lower rates and better overall coverage than you could access on your own. That's because with thousands of members we are able to negotiate on our Member's behalf to achieve the best rates and best coverage for healthcare, life insurance, legal services and more.

Benefit or policy turnaround times vary depending on the provider and are always subject to eligibility approval. Typically you will receive your policy/benefit within 5 business days.

We're a Global Member Services company, which means we support Members who work and live in most countries around the world, with few exceptions.

We work with all types of organisations and groups, including airlines through their management or pilot associations, expat affinity groups, membership, volunteer, corporate, and any other association, regardless of the size. 

To find out more how we can help, click HERE.

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Aviation Professional

Navigating the Global Landscape in 2024 and Beyond

As we step into the promise of a new year, Baymac is poised to make your lifestyle as a pilot, expat, or aviation professional not just hassle-free, but truly exceptional.

Borderless Solutions

Live life without borders. As a Baymac Member you get access to products and rewards that stay with you as you travel and live a global lifestyle.